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Registration of Municipal Names with Sibername

by: Emre Sersan

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Registration of Municipal Names with Sibername

you can register municipal domain names, if you are a representative of that municipality. The feee for the municipality domain names is $40 plus GST. The reason of the difference is because of the fact that it needs a manual process to follow

Please do the following:

1) Create a nee registrant ID through the link and confirm the registration with CIRA

2) Make a payment for $42.80 CAD through the address and specify your domain name in the description field and also specify that this is for municipal domain name application.

3) The muncipality will also have to fill the 'Certificate of
Authorization to Apply for Registration of a Municipal Name' and have it printed on their letterhead (form is available from the CIRA website at

Please note that the admin contact info on the form must be the same as the info for the registrant number.

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