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Email Quarantine Summary Digest Emails.

by: Bulent Turkoglu

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Quarantine Summary Digest for admin@domain.caWhy am I suddenly getting all these messages?

Thank you.

Quarantine Summary Digest

If you would like one of the below messages sent on to your email account, click the "Release" link.

Click "View" to look at the message in the quarantine, or click "Release" to release a copy of the message from the quarantine and mail it to yourself. Otherwise click "Release & Report" to release a copy of the message from the quarantine and report the message as not spam.

Junk Quarantine
Action From Subject Date Received
View | Release | Release & Report "Amado Phipps" Look in the mirror and enjoy the new you Wed Nov 1, 1:27pm
View | Release | Release & Report "April Bennett" Melt away po+unds with An atrim Tue Oct 31, 1:00pm
View | Release | Release & Report "Christy Galindo" Pounds down, mood up Tue Oct 31, 10:57pm
View | Release | Release & Report "Mauro Erwin" Less weight - more pleasure and joy Tue Oct 31, 8:12am
View | Release | Release & Report "Penelope Seay" Say goodbye to extra pounds Tue Oct 31, 4:45am
View | Release | Release & Report "Antonia Flores" Pounds down, mood up Wed Nov 1, 4:56pm
View | Release | Release & Report "Clark Chamberlain" Get more energy and get rid of fat Tue Oct 31, 8:11am
View | Release | Release & Report "Melisa Holley" Join the thousands of people who got slim Thu Nov 2, 9:52am
View | Release | Release & Report "Shelley Whitt" Melt away po-unds with An*atrim Wed Nov 1, 2:29pm
View | Release | Release & Report "Jerold Cordero" One chin is enough, get rid of the rest! Thu Nov 2, 4:42am
View | Release | Release & Report "Claudine Santana" Never be shy to take your shirt off again! Tue Oct 31, 5:01pm
View | Release | Release & Report "Jennifer Darnell" Become fit and happy again Tue Oct 31, 8:50am

This is an automatically generated message from your MailFoundry appliance.


No virus found in this incoming message.
Checked by AVG Free Edition.
Version: 7.1.409 / Virus Database: 268.13.27/517 - Release Date:



Thank you for using support email address which has proven it self the best way of getting support from Sibername.

This is the report for the emails blocked as being spam and to give you a chance to get a valid emaill delivered.

If you have other questions, please do not hesitate to reply to this email.
Kind Regards;

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